Our Ealing Heroes Campaign is Live!

The Soma Room is on a quest to celebrate the unsung heroes in our local community - the people of Ealing who devote their lives to helping others. And we need your help to find them!

What's an Ealing Hero, you ask? 

An Ealing Hero doesn't go around wearing capes and battling supervillains, and they have no need for a big shining beacon in the night sky.

Instead, an Ealing Hero quietly goes about their business, making life a little better for the people around them. They're the person who does the shopping for an elderly neighbour, and the teacher who sparked a love of learning in your child. They're the nurse who went the extra mile to look after your loved one in hospital, and the person you see in the park first thing in the morning, walking their dog and picking litter at the same time. They're the person who gives without expecting anything in return.

How does the Ealing Heroes campaign work? 

If you know of someone who deserves the title of Ealing Hero - whether a friend, family member, teacher, volunteer, community figure, NHS worker, or even a kindly neighbour - you simply need to write a few lines about what makes them an Ealing Hero by using the link below.

We will be posting all nominations on our Facebook and Instagram pages in early November, with the winner being chosen by our online community.

If your nomination is chosen, both you and your Ealing Hero will win a 60-minute massage gift voucher, courtesy of The Soma Room.

There's no limit to how many people you can nominate, so if you're lucky enough to know a few Ealing Heroes, feel free to give all of them the recognition they deserve!

Submissions will close on Sunday 31st October, and successful nominations will be voted on in early November.

Good luck, and we can't wait to share your stories about all the incredible people who make a difference in our community!

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