How To Keep Active Over Lockdown

As Lockdown 2.0 gets underway, we asked a few of our therapists for their tips on keeping happy and healthy in these uncertain times. Clinical massage therapist Natalie Heng offers some practical tips and advice for how to keep your body active and healthy despite the restrictions… 
With the second round of lockdown underway, I have three tips on how to emerge from the next month pain free:

Get outside – use this time for thinking, daydreaming, or simply re-connecting with your environment in a mindful way
Walking is good for your body. It’s another way to warm up your muscles and counter excessive muscle tightness related to the postural challenges of limited movement during lockdown, but it’s also a great opportunity to inspire creativity and counter cabin fever. If you can, walk in green spaces such as a park or nearby wood. Studies have documented the health benefits of ‘forest bathing’, and daydreaming is fantastic for creativity. Daily walks are also another way of creating structure in your day – and having a routine can be helpful in forcing us into being more conscious and purposeful in how we spend our time.Find ways to intersperse your daily routine with regular, dynamic movement
Being stuck at home takes away opportunities for movement built into our daily routine. Counter this by creating opportunities for movement. If you are working from home, set your timer to go off every hour and find ways to ‘move’ for five minutes. Whether that’s walking to the kitchen and making a cup of tea and doing some simple stretches whilst you wait for the water to boil, or doing ten ‘emergency squats’ – spend five minutes every hour just moving.Carve out at least 30 – 60 mins a day for dedicated movement
Whether that’s starting your day with a 30-minute jog and ending it with half an hour of meditative yoga; or spending one hour every evening doing some Hiit and warm-down stretches – dedicated time for self-care will do a world of good for your mental and physical health. Whilst the first lockdown was tough on many, it was interesting to note just how many of my clients emerged feeling healthier and more well rested than ever. So convert those hours usually spent on your daily commute to an opportunity for work on strength, mobility and flexibility.

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