Massage was always a part of Gabriela’s life. Her grandmother would often treat the family’s aches and ailments with traditional massage techniques. Seeing how beneficial these treatments could be kick-started Gabriela’s own passion for massage therapy; and learning from her grandmother’s experience allowed her to develop an intuitive touch from a young age. Through her childhood experiences, Gabriela believes that massage is the ultimate gift: simply but profoundly treating both the body and the soul.

After moving to London in 2012, Gabriela successfully pursued an ITEC Level 3 massage qualification at The School of Natural Therapies, before going on to attend The London School of Massage to achieve Deep Tissue and Chair Massage qualifications. She completed her Pregnancy Massage Diploma with fellow Romanian and award-winner, Monica Paslaru.

Her passion for delivering effective deep tissue massage treatments pushed her to become a tutor at International Massage Education, where the director is multiple-award-winning Tamer Morsy.  As a massage tutor, Gabriela works with other massage therapists to improve their techniques and learn how to correct their body posture and biomechanics to deliver effective treatments without injuring their shoulders, wrists, or thumbs. In 2021, Gabriela competed at the National Massage Championships in Kensington, Olympia, and will be taking part again this year.

While she continues to nurture her technical skills, Gabriela is improving her business acumen and achieving a better understanding of what is means to be an entrepreneur.  She is currently completing her second year in Business at Global Banking School in London.

Gabriela's massage approach subtly incorporates grounding and meditation in her treatment sessions, resulting in a treatment that is enjoyable but still effective. Her goal as a massage therapist is to bring her clients into a state of mindfulness, and she believes that a greater awareness and understanding of what our bodies are trying to communicate leads to more compassion and acceptance in our day-to-day lives.


​Gabriela is fully qualified and insured in Deep Tissue, Relaxation, and Pregnancy Massage.

Therapist Qualifications

  ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Massage

  Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Education & Training

  Pregnancy Massage Certificate with Gateway Workshops

  Deep Tissue Massage FHT Accredited Course

  Trigger Point Massage FHT Accredited Course

  Urban Curate NEOM Organic Aromatherapy Training

  On-site Chair Massage FHT Accredited Course

Professional Associations

​Gabriela is a member of FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists).