Natalie Miller is a friendly, kind, respectful, and caring individual, who is passionate about helping people. She grew up in Hertfordshire, but moved to Canada in 2007 where she went on to complete a Registered Massage Therapy course at the Alberta College of Massage Therapy in Calgary. This consisted of 2200 hours of rigorous training in anatomy, physiology, pathology, theory and techniques, along with specific treatment plans for various musculoskeletal conditions. Her passion for massage therapy led her to become a student mentor at the college, and to graduate with an overall score of 94.26%, gaining her an Honours with Distinction. She went on to pass the rigorous board examinations in Newfoundland in August 2021.

Natalie moved back to the UK in September to be closer to her family, and to share a clinic space with her mother, who has been an Osteopath for forty years. Natalie credits her mum for her appreciation of the value of complementary health, and for inspiring her to pursue a career in massage therapy. The combination of her upbringing and technical training have shaped Natalie into an excellent therapist who is skilled in offering treatments which are tailored, effective and enjoyable.

In her spare time, Natalie enjoys a variety of activities such as hiking, camping, skiing, swimming and generally being active in the outdoors. Before completing her degree in registered massage therapy, she spent time in Whistler, BC as a Swedish massage therapist, while also working as a ski instructor. She loves to read and learn new things, and has a keen interest in nutrition, having been a vegetarian since she was three years old.


Natalie Miller is fully insured and qualified in Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Relaxation Massage and Pregnancy Massage.

Therapist Qualifications

  Massage Therapy Degree with Honours with Distinction (2200 hours)
  Certificate in Infant and Pregnancy Massage
  Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology
  Certificate in Advanced Treatment Techniques
  Certificate in Remedial Exercises
  Certificate in Swedish Relaxation Massage

Professional Associations

Natalie is a member of The Association for Soft Tissue Therapists (SMA)