New Year’s resolutions are so last season – Get ready to #SpringIntoLife instead!

What was your new year’s resolution? Do you remember? Have you kept it? If so you are one of only 8% of people who actually manage to do this so well done!

In fact, incremental lifestyle changes are much more likely to make a difference, a fact that our #SpringIntoLife campaign was based on, designed to encourage a healthier and happier you by Spring 2018.
When resolutions are too ambitious, it can be hard to change our habits so instead we often just give up altogether.

Instead of making hard-line resolutions it has been suggested[1] that we have more chance of long-term success if we approach our health goals as a ‘reset’ on our normal behaviours and treat every day as a contribution towards the new goal.

If we plan to eat more fruit and vegetables or exercise more we can reset this goal every day. If you didn’t eat enough healthy food today or didn’t manage that run you can re-evaluate and try again tomorrow. As long as we never lose sight of the goal anything is possible, and failure on one day does not become the end of the story for ever. [2]

We placed this approach at the heart of our #SpringIntoLife campaign and incrementally we worked to provide a range of information designed to get as many people as possible interested in health and wellbeing.

So, now the equinox has passed and the clocks have changed we wanted to ask you – are you feeling energized? Are you ready to #SpringIntoLife ? Do you feel like a happier and healthier person than you were three months ago and if so how did you make that happen?

We’ve certainly been energized by the campaign and would love to hear your stories of renewal and self-improvement. We’d also love any feedback you have on our campaign, whether the content regarding maternal health, nutrition and healthy eating, sports and exercise, the wider topic of wellbeing, bodywork and massage or mental health and mindfulness.

Whatever your area of interest regarding self-improvement, now that the flowers are flowering, the birds are singing and spring is officially springing, all that remains is to say is a huge THANKYOU to those of you who followed our campaign and got involved along the way. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Do make sure you follow or like our Facebook and Twitter (@TheSomaRoom) if you haven’t already, so you can hear more from us in the future and continue to be inspired and supported in your wellbeing goals.

Meantime, we hope you have a great Easter and if your new year’s resolution was to eat less chocolate don’t worry, just ‘reset’ that particular goal after Easter is over and we won’t tell a soul!  😊

[1] By Dr. Roberta Anding, Baylor College of Medicine


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