Our Top Christmas Wellbeing Tips

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year…’ or is it? Christmas can actually be a great source of stress and anxiety – the combination of gift giving, hosting, financial pressure and increased workload can all result in a reduced mental wellbeing. Not to mention the increased consumption of food and alcohol, and the reduction in exercise which can impact your physical health as well! To help combat these effects, we have put together our top tips for looking after yourself over the Christmas and New Year period. We hope they help you to make this Christmas the wonderful time you deserve!

1. Saying No
It’s a really tough one (and we aren’t very good at it!), but saying no can be an absolute saviour over the holidays. We are always tempted to accept every invitation for mince pies and mulled wine, as well as fitting in catch-ups with everyone we haven’t managed to see the rest of the year.  As you get closer to Christmas day you might start to regret having so many things packed in – with all the preparing of food and gifts and the hangovers and bloated feelings that follow! It’s okay to say no without having to give a detailed diatribe about why you can’t attend. It will mean you can really enjoy the few things you do say yes to, and avoid flaking last minute when it all gets too much!2. Preparation & Planning
Another way to help make sure you aren’t running around like a lunatic for the weeks before Christmas is preparation. I know you will have heard the words from Delia many times, but this tip doesn’t just apply to food! Making a good list at the start of the Christmas period of all the people you need to buy for, and all the things you need for Christmas Day and New Year can really ease the worry. Having it all listed out can make it feel more manageable (and you will get the joy of crossing things off) but it will also allow you to actually do some of the work up front. You can order food online to avoid carrying heaving shopping around (terrible for your back and posture!) get some bargains from the online sales and even order some more thoughtful gifts (like our massage gift vouchers for example!) that you might not find wandering around the shops aimlessly. You might find that if you do smugly venture to the shops, you can get some little treats, without any of the pressure!

3.  You Time
With everything above in mind, you should be able to carve out some crucial ‘me time’ during the yuletide. This might be as simple as some quiet time with a book and a cup of tea or more a more organised affair –  such as a massage appointment to keep your mind and body on track. Make sure you do a little of whatever makes you happy and relaxed – it will make the holiday feel a little more magical, and will help you go back to work feeling refreshed and not exhausted!

4. Sleep & Meditation
Talking of exhaustion – making sure that you dedicate time to having restful sleep is so important. You will be busy during the Christmas period, and you need to make sure that you don’t let it encroach on your critical sleep time. Whilst you might think that sinking a few sherries might help you drop off, drinking can actually make it harder to get to sleep, and can often make it a more restless affair. There are lots of techniques for improving your sleep, and a regular massage can be an excellent remedy. It’s worth reading our more in-depth blog about sleep, but you should also consider taking some time to meditate over Christmas. Being able to meditate comes only from practice, and you won’t be able to do it straight away, but you might like to try something like the ‘Headspace’ app, which will guide you in good meditation techniques. Even 10 minutes a day could transform your ability to sleep, relax and be more mindful about your thoughts and your day.

5. Exercise
Finally, exercising might not be top of your list over the Christmas period as you look forward to indulging, but it can be an excellent way to make some of that over-eating a little less guilt-ridden. It can also help to increase dopamine, stock up on a little Vitamin D from the elusive sun, and enjoy the crisp winter nature that can make you feel on top of the world. Even just a brisk walk or a short run every other day could transform your holiday break.

For more tips on how to relax or on the benefits of massage visit our blog page. Have a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year!

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