Self-Care During Lockdown

As Lockdown 2.0 gets underway, we asked a few of our therapists for their tips on keeping happy and healthy in these uncertain times. Clinical massage therapist Joanna Mitura offers some helpful tips for physical and emotional well-being at home. 

Enforced confinement has many of us feeling anxious, claustrophobic and stressed, both physically and mentally. All of us have experienced these feelings during this pandemic. Some people feel them more acutely than others.

From personal experience, the most important tonic is physical exercise. Even just a daily 15-30 minute stretch will get the blood flowing and give the body a sense of space and well-being.

As a massage therapist, I advise my clients to focus on self-care as much as possible, particularly during stressful times. Think about how the different areas of your body are used every day, and be mindful or which areas are over or underworked. When ordinary life does resume, you want to have a base level of flexibility to hit the ground running.

Also crucial is mental well-being. Personally, I spend hours on video and voice calls with close friends and family, to keep myself cheerful and upbeat. Even a five minute call with an old friend brings a great positive benefit!

It’s also good trying to keep to a simple routine during the day – try to eat healthily and sleep well. You’ve probably heard this everywhere, but mediation and mindfulness really does have such a positive impact.

Remember, when all this is finally over, you might look back longingly at these days of long sleeps and lots of free time. Enjoy it while it lasts and stay happy!

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