Pregnancy massage provides a valuable form of pain relief at a time when other options are limited, and can be performed during any stage of pregnancy, from first trimester right up to your due date. Whilst some spas refuse to provide massages in the first trimester, this has nothing to do with safety and is purely for liability reasons. There is absolutely no evidence of massage being detrimental to you or your baby in the first trimester, providing deep abdominal massage is avoided.

As well as helping with many of the physical ailments pregnant women suffer from (such as back and shoulder pain, piriformis syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome), pregnancy massage can also help to reduce stress levels, meaning less nausea and morning sickness, fewer headaches and digestive issues, and an easier labour.

After labour, massage can be used to help reduce the aches and pains which often result from breastfeeding and carrying your baby, as well as providing a vital therapeutic support to some of the more stressful aspects of motherhood.

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